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DESIGN (English Program)

Goal/Your Bright Future

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Design Department (English Program) is an integrated curriculum that promotes the development of a learner's aptitude. Modern Focus on thinking processes, problem-solving, creativity. And production technology Along with business knowledge leads to creating innovative, valuable, and sustainable designs.

Total credits for the course 120 credits
Course Structure :

General Education Courses 30 credits
Design Courses 84 credits include
1) Design Fundamentals Course 12 credits
2) Technique Design Course 18 credits
3) Core Course 39 credits
4) Major Elective 18 credits
Free Elective, not less than 6 credits
Total 120 credits

Product Designer
Service Designer
Design Business Entrepreneurs
Research and develop Director

Design Tuition
120 Credits.

Able to submit a request for a loan for the Student Loan Fund, Type 2

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