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The department of photography and visual media focuses on understanding the processes of photographic based art and design, in still and moving images, including related media and their application to professional or individual works. The emphasis is both on the process and the concept with an awareness of the rapid changes in our society and technology.

Total credits for the course 120 credits
Course Structure :

General Education Courses 30 credits
Photography and Visual Media Courses 84 credits include
1) Design Fundamentals Course 12 credits
2) Technique Design Course 18 credits
3) Core Course 39 credits
4) Major Elective 18 credits
Free Elective, not less than 6 credits
Total 120 credits

Director of Photography
Light Director
Voice Recorder
Cinema Editor
Photo Artist
Photo Designer
Art Director
Production Designer
Director of Photo Production
Art Film Entrepreneur
Retoucher and Imagemanipulator
Designer for Exhibits photos
Art exhibition designer for Photography and Visual media
Photography and Visual Media Curator

Photography and Visual Media Tuition
120 Credits.

Entrance fee 10,600 THB.
Summer Semester 8 credits. 19,800 THB.
Total 30,400 THB.

1st Year.
1 Semester 18 credits. 48,900 THB.
2 Semester 16 credits. 41,200 THB.
1st Year Total 90,100 THB.

2nd Year.
1 Semester 15 credits. 44,600 THB.
2 Semester 18 credits. 55,200 THB.
2nd Year Total 99,800 THB.

3rd Year.
1 Semester 18 credits. 52,700 THB.
2 Semester 15 credits. 55,600 THB.
3rd Year Total 108,300 THB.

4th Year.
Summer Semester 1 credits. 7,200 THB.
1 Semester 8 credits. 29,100 THB.
4th Year Total 36,300 THB.

Total 364,900 THB.

Able to submit a request for a loan for the Student Loan Fund, Type 1

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